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Stop Pop Ups

Pop ups are those annoying windows that pop up when you go to a web page, most are ads. Legitimate websites use this technique to get your attention on the advertisment, not much of a threat. The more dangerous form of pop ups are the ones created by adware-spyware companies or some malicious webmaster, the program runs in the background, and ads can pop up at any given time, even when you are not online. Here are a few excellent free tools to stop pop ups

  • Firefox - has built in pop-up blocker, much more secure than Internet Explorer
  • Google Toolbar - excellent pop-up blocker, use this toolbar with Firefox and you should be golden.
  • Panicware Pop-Up blocker - one of the first and probably the best.
  • Spyware Remover tools - Get a couple of anti-spyware programs and scan your PC at least once a week, and make sure you do keep the software up to date.

Messenger spam is another form of pop up that happen if Windows is not properly secure. The title will be Messenger Service with grays ads. messenger image

This security flaw happens in Windows NT/2000/XP. These versions of Windows have a function built in called netsend, they were designed for system administrators, and allow for communication between computers on the network. Spammers took advantage of this and began sending pop ups on the internet. To stop this kind of pop up is very simple, if you are using Windows XP make sure you upgrade to XP Service Pack 2 (XP SP2). XP2 turns off messenger service by default and also turns on firewall by default. Just by turning on your XP firewall you will eliminate messenger spam forever. Here's a simple way to check your firewall settings.

  • Click Start on your taskbar at the very bottom of your screen.
  • Click Run
  • Type firewall.cpl
  • Make sure it's on
  • Press OK, that's it
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