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If you have any of the symptoms of spyware your first question might be, how I do get rid of spyware? I have one answer for that, don't get it in the first place. Well mister smartty pants how do not get spyware in the first place? I will tell you my son, change your online behavior. The truth is once you get spyware on your system they can be almost impossible to get rid of. Getting rid of spyware manually is not recommended unless you know what you are doing. You have to track down the right file and delete them, this might mean making changes to your registry which can be pretty scary. Spyware can hook on to your computer so tightly, if you were to remove the spyware it could cause certain things not to work the way they use too.

To safely remove spyware you should find a good Spyware Removal Tool to do the job, it will save you some time and stress. There are many free spyware removal / monitoring programs out there some of the more popular ones are Ad-Aware Personal, Spyware Blaster, Spybot Search and Destroy. All of these spyware programs are very easy to use. I would recommend downloading all three of these programs, because no one program will get rid of all the spyware out there. Scan your computer with one program at a time, scanning for spyware with multiple spyware programs at the same time may cause conflict.

Spyware can get out of control, sometimes it can get so bad a fresh reinstall of Windows is needed. This is the only way to be sure you have a clean system. Even if you don't have spyware, you should reinstall Windows at least once a year to improve performance because over time your system gets bogged down. If you do choose to reinstall Windows please remember to back up your important files off your hard drive. You don't need to back up Window's, that's what the restore disk for.

To get rid of spyware the first thing you can do is scan you computer with some anti-spyware program. Scan with several different programs. Here's a list of free spyware removal tools.

Next thing you should try is Window's system restore, this will roll your computer back in time to a previous save point. Click Start, go to Programs, go to Accessories, go to System Tools, and then click System Restore.

Next method is Window's Safe Mode, this will only load up specific programs and files needed to run the operating system, for this method you will need to turn off your computer, wait about 10 seconds and start it, while it's booting tap the F8 key. Windows Advanced Options Menu should appear. Select Safe Mode and press enter. You may be able to delete spyware, or virus files in this mode or try using your favorite antispyware program.

Let's quickly see how to get rid of spyware with a good Spyware Removal Tool

  • Download a good Spyware Removal Tool(Get at least two)
  • Start the program, scan your computer with the tool
  • Look through the list the tool has found
  • Choose the files you want to delete by following the instructions
  • Remember to get the latest updates, most programs will have an automatic update feature
  • Scan your computer at least once a week or everyday if you want to be on the safe side
  • And the most important thing your can do is to change your online habits. Follow a few simple rules to keep your PC clean.

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